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November 2017
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‎”Fall in love …

‎”Fall in love once but Rise in Love everyday.” ~ Mujtaba Saadi Makhdoom


Indeed very well written, another TED event and like always as it has been. Amazing job!

Cheaper by the Dozen!

Cheaper by the Dozen!.


Sometimes I am unable to understand how just one event or experience just changes so many things people your perception towards many things get changed, it’s just because of one thing or event or there are  some other things that cannot be expressed in words .

A matter of fact it’s a phenomenon that remains unexplained. I’ve noticed that no matter how hard you try to get something’s, what’s in your fate and luck you can’t chase it. People have their own thinking about the definition of life love, fate, destiny ……….

Love in itself is a mystery which changes your life either upside down. Some people say that you are the architect of your own destiny the amount of hard work and effort you put in results in a life you have dreamt for …. We need to change our thinking that inspite of getting indulge in love and such relations work on your future get inspired by motivational stories, nature in itself is a motivational factor that teaches us in many ways, what you need to have only is the right vision

Success seemed to be connected with action. Successful people keep on moving. They make mistakes but they don’t quit –  Conrad Hilton

Written by: Aliza Talib 

Are you 3D enough ?!

Now days its not about just a fortune business corporation or super brand that has a great history. If you aren’t cashing on the news and tools around you. The graph is just about to turn down from your cloud 9.

In the current era of modernization where brands are transforming the methodologies they have used for generations and the marketing strategies  restructured into an entire new string of digital and creative variables which join the marketing family as it revamps for the next century. Now the brands are mastering a new art of attracting big figures, clients, consumers to themselves and retaining them as a part of their lifelong family, may it be a product, service or a person.

We as the marketing generation going deep into the brands observing them so closely have understood the reality of the art of 3D. Its so interesting that sometime you need to put on your 3D glasses to catch up the action as it won’t be visible with a normal consumer eyesight.

3D – Desire – Derive – Decision

The three ingredients needed to make the spell work for all are:

  • Desire – What desires people about your brand ? have you, your brand or your service provide the X factor which will attract people, call them inn, retain their interests for a while till they start accepting the ideas, solutions and services your brand offers.
  • Derive – Everyone and everything has a need and if something is offering the right solution to fulfill those needs you then just need to add a little flavor that attracts the taste buds of your consumers.What will derive him to a point of curiosity that he would want to stay connected, know more and talk about your brand too. ? Do that and you have hit the right spot.!
  • Decision – Does it fulfill their requirement  add value to their lives and inspire them enough to decide that this is for them. This is where a lot of people confuse affordability with aspirations, if a person has dreamed all his life to use an apple product one day he will make it possible that he has an apply in his/her hand may even it be a pirated copy. 😉 Affordability has nothing to do with hunger, dreams and craving for the brands people want. If they decide that this is for them they will find a way to get to it.

A small concept to provide with your marketing model the 3D effect. Simple but very effective.

Lets keep marketing tactics simple. 🙂

Is your Product, Service or Brand GAME ENOUGH ?!. Give your brands the 3D effect they need today. Happy Marketing.! 😉

Still waiting for LOVE to drop into your life? Think again!

Throughout the last 3 years travelling, training, coaching, consulting, communicating inspiring stories and interacting with 20,000 souls across industry, institutes, schools, business and families, the one thing I realized is we all want to be loved and want have someone who we love and care about but somehow when we think of it, may it be fear or confusion, it stops most of us from sharing our feelings. I never understood who taught you to be afraid and fearful to being rejected ? but yes we in fear of rejection never aim for our most desired dreams.

All of us who want to be Loved, who want love to be a part of your lives, are you waiting for it to come to you or waiting for that moment when you experience the musical jingles in your ears. Lets stop! wait for a while… take a deep breathe.. now think!

  • When you were a child and you wanted something what did you do?
  • When you wanted to eat what was your reaction like?
  • Were you actions the same as now when you wish for Love?

Be fearful not of what might happen but of what will happen if you don’t express what came to you as a feeling so strong for someone and you never told them, fear the regret that you might have to live with for the rest of your life. You should not fear Love, you should endorse it and be strong enough to accept the high n low it might bring to your life. Just because a boat is safe on the harbor doesn’t meant it  gonna make the best of its purpose staying there.

Love is not what will be created for you, its a magic that you create in this world being who you are and learning how to be more beautiful by saying beautiful things to people, may you like them, love them or even if there presence gloom’s you. Love is to be found and seen and then crafted to perfection. That’s what makes you the GOD’s best beings.

“Its a funny world where people can tell people who they hate how much they hate them instantly, but wait for the right time to tell people they love how much they have loveed them” ~ Mujtaba Saadi Makhdoom

Don’t Wait for Love, Create it!

Too Shy- A short film

Wonderfully portrayed by Aamir how the marketeer of this century are just copy pasting and calling it their own creative masterpiece. Brilliant. A must read for all those who interest marketing, branding and creative strategies by brands.


Lack of imaginativeness and creativity is mind boggling these days. Every time you turn on the TV or flip through a magazine you see an advertisement that  is not only grossly misleading but  more often an eye-sore as well.For example Ponds‘ Liquid Gold cream for topical application claims it is formulated to make ones skin look radiant, I guess the only way it could make one look radiant is by the light reflecting off of its fancy glittering packaging. But lets leave cosmetics and food products aside for a moment (because at least they put in effort to make up such fancy quackery) and move over to two things that account for biggest share of  media clutter these days i.e.  food brands and telecom service providers.

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