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Public Speaker | Entrepreneur | Writer

A Storyteller from a very early age, an entrepreneur by personality and a writer by will Saadi Makhdoom has worked with the learning and development community in Pakistan, Dubai and Australia. As a Corporate Trainer and Assessor with 4 years of diverse experience working with management consultation firms, youth development agencies and social development association I have specialized in youth coaching and public speaking. I have also volunteered for 300+ hours training in soft skills areas, personal development and other leadership workshop facilitations. Claiming a successful and meritorious reputation within the human capital and leadership development community of Pakistan. A number of face to face interaction with audiences ranging from 30 – 300 per session, audience manager and public speaking and digital brand management being the core of my skill set, I am currently gaining knowledge, perspective and experience in Melbourne, Australia completing my MBA (Professional) 2016 to continue serving the purpose in permanent, casual and volunteering roles.

I am willing to create opportunities, accept challenges and connect resources worldwide. Willing and able to create smart objectives at work, changing the constructs to maintain a productive work life balance while exploring the best to squeeze MAGIC JUICE to serve the industry.
Skilled Areas:

– Work and Organization Systems.
– Operations and Inventory Control.
– Strategic Human Resource Management.
– Strategic Management.
– Business Research.
– Digital Media Management.
– Project management.
– Training and Assessment Tools
Together we can create the solutions for your business, which is MY BUSINESS.



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  2. fasi says:

    well.. its very productive

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