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Wish to study in Australia ? An insight for you!

Every year more than a million people migrate to Australia and find a better future, study and living option for themselves and their families.

So sharing the answers to the number of queries I receive from kids, young and also adults regarding a move to the Australian region for studies at a school level or university and the routes. The professionals and how they can move towards Australia.

Studies in Australia:

For scholarships, all universities have a different set of standards and for that counselors are not set up to guide you, it is supposed to be an efforts from your school, you and your studies during the current course may it even start from Self financed degree.

Starting off with the bad news, most of the countries which had people moving abroad for short term courses, visits for vacations and short term visits regarding business travel applies for an asylum in the region making it tough for all the right candidates to apply for short term courses and diplomas as now only these countries can apply for the full time and year to four year long term degrees.

A lot of these degrees are at the moment are on and if stay on the skilled migration category after you graduate you can apply for a permanent residency(if you achieve the score) so people can choose their majors accordingly to apply. In addition a 2 years master by law is given a 2 years work visa in Australia and if by the end of that U have an employer they can sponsor your visas to extend. A PhD masters get the same but the years are 4 instead of 2.

The average cost of a Master course per year in Australia is 25000$ and 16000$ of their living cost and so one for two or more years. Self finance is the preferred way to get the entry to your degree within months as the region makes maximum number of profit through this education sector. The amount that is invested can be obtained back after gaining the two years work visa and working for two year in the same region and you can pay the loan payer the amount back if it not you or your family paying the amount.

For the professionals:

Go to the Australian immigration point calculator online and calculate your points if you have a point score above 60-65 and your skill domain is in the migration list July 2014, you are eligible to apply for a work visa.

If you work experience is not recognized during the Australian region and you would want to gain that, you can Apply for RPL and get the same domain certification, diploma or advanced diplomas after providing proofs physical and practical to get a waver of time and cost over that qualification won to practice all over Australia.

Last year only 67235 people from Pakistan claimed asylum and that is why the country has gotten black listed to apply for short term courses and the process is now dealt with in more details than regular.

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I look forward to help you suggest guide and support your hunt for a brighter future. So I look forward to see you breaking through the mediocre goals and aim high and gain a life we all wish to have and achieve it.

Have an amazing career hunt.