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The Orange Story of People (Education Today)

Mujtaba Makhdoom

A Story teller of his kind, a business student of Marketing, a trainer by profession, a learner by will, an entrepreneur by character, a motivational speaker and writer.

May 2014
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Ever heard of an Orange giving you an Apple juice ? may be any other juice than the Orange juice ? Never! 

The reality is that in today’s world “An Apple a day is only for those who can afford it and doctors are not interested in seeing you as well”

An Orange being a metaphor is all of us from the time of birth being experimented on by schools who are not equipped enough with skills to evaluate the talent that walks into those beautiful classrooms everyday and all we teach them is how to follow rules, do perfect math according to the given principles and create a perfect robot out of them in 12 year of school. A high grade scorer would be the best of the kind, doing thing as per order. The rest who are always the trouble makes are not good at say “Will Be Done” so get lower grades at schools, parents are worried and get them connected to tut ions to again teach them how to follow more of the rules and become the perfect A grader to understand less and do as per asked more. Infact a kid in those years have totally forgotten what he truly loved doing, what was their gift or the magic they brought to the world. To make this cycle even more vicious we start labeling children swell and they are always a content figure of caparison with the arenas favorite figure from the family, the other aunty’s son or the neighbors daughter. Even if you are blessed with a juice of your own, if your parents and school decide to make you a doctor, no matter how much juice your orange has, the world will make sure they test you, crush you and establish a potential to produce a limited amount of juice of their wish but not what your gift was, unfortunately this is the story of our beautiful oranges(kids) these days, who are blessed with gifts to brome the Bill gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and Oprah’s of tomorrow but are diverted by our institutions doing the obsolete by their obsolete authorities. 

Let’s make sure if you are blessed with a gift, a juice from GOD you make sure the world enjoys the originality and you produce the best possible life you can. 

After all, institutions were made to control the young minds which if go out of control the take over the world like a force non other. 


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  1. Midhat says:

    heard this story in your session at my uni.. was inspired by it because it is a new perspective of looking at things.. but on the other hand, it some how opens a debate. like you can not deny the importance of money and lets be honest, not every one can get what Mark got through Facebook. however, your idea of each human being as filled with and blessed with a gift is one that no one can and should deny. keep writing and sharing such thought provoking ideas.

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