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Still waiting for LOVE to drop into your life? Think again!

Mujtaba Makhdoom

A Story teller of his kind, a business student of Marketing, a trainer by profession, a learner by will, an entrepreneur by character, a motivational speaker and writer.

October 2012
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Throughout the last 3 years travelling, training, coaching, consulting, communicating inspiring stories and interacting with 20,000 souls across industry, institutes, schools, business and families, the one thing I realized is we all want to be loved and want have someone who we love and care about but somehow when we think of it, may it be fear or confusion, it stops most of us from sharing our feelings. I never understood who taught you to be afraid and fearful to being rejected ? but yes we in fear of rejection never aim for our most desired dreams.

All of us who want to be Loved, who want love to be a part of your lives, are you waiting for it to come to you or waiting for that moment when you experience the musical jingles in your ears. Lets stop! wait for a while… take a deep breathe.. now think!

  • When you were a child and you wanted something what did you do?
  • When you wanted to eat what was your reaction like?
  • Were you actions the same as now when you wish for Love?

Be fearful not of what might happen but of what will happen if you don’t express what came to you as a feeling so strong for someone and you never told them, fear the regret that you might have to live with for the rest of your life. You should not fear Love, you should endorse it and be strong enough to accept the high n low it might bring to your life. Just because a boat is safe on the harbor doesn’t meant it  gonna make the best of its purpose staying there.

Love is not what will be created for you, its a magic that you create in this world being who you are and learning how to be more beautiful by saying beautiful things to people, may you like them, love them or even if there presence gloom’s you. Love is to be found and seen and then crafted to perfection. That’s what makes you the GOD’s best beings.

“Its a funny world where people can tell people who they hate how much they hate them instantly, but wait for the right time to tell people they love how much they have loveed them” ~ Mujtaba Saadi Makhdoom

Don’t Wait for Love, Create it!

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  1. Shahnawaz Khan says:

    nicely wrote up. Great work.

  2. Sufyan says:


  3. mahajee says:

    You are so right on the “expressing” part. I totally agree that even if people think that expressing what they feel might lead them to disaster, they should at least try once. I mean no one can literally hang you because you said “i love you” to him/her 😛
    But that feeling when you regret “yaar ek baar try tou karta/karti” is haunting!

    A worthy read, I must say!

  4. sameeta sikander says:

    well said !

  5. Wafa says:

    something I agree on! 🙂

  6. zahra tahir says:

    amazing ,so simple yet so meaningful ! and wonderful are thosevwords said by you at the end 🙂 great work!

  7. alizaatalib says:

    I don’t agree completely sometimes being the first one to approach someone leads you towards regret you blame yourself for the failure and last and most importantly the feeling is love or just an infatuation ?? How to differentiate both…!

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