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Are you 3D enough ?!

Mujtaba Makhdoom

A Story teller of his kind, a business student of Marketing, a trainer by profession, a learner by will, an entrepreneur by character, a motivational speaker and writer.

October 2012
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Now days its not about just a fortune business corporation or super brand that has a great history. If you aren’t cashing on the news and tools around you. The graph is just about to turn down from your cloud 9.

In the current era of modernization where brands are transforming the methodologies they have used for generations and the marketing strategies  restructured into an entire new string of digital and creative variables which join the marketing family as it revamps for the next century. Now the brands are mastering a new art of attracting big figures, clients, consumers to themselves and retaining them as a part of their lifelong family, may it be a product, service or a person.

We as the marketing generation going deep into the brands observing them so closely have understood the reality of the art of 3D. Its so interesting that sometime you need to put on your 3D glasses to catch up the action as it won’t be visible with a normal consumer eyesight.

3D – Desire – Derive – Decision

The three ingredients needed to make the spell work for all are:

  • Desire – What desires people about your brand ? have you, your brand or your service provide the X factor which will attract people, call them inn, retain their interests for a while till they start accepting the ideas, solutions and services your brand offers.
  • Derive – Everyone and everything has a need and if something is offering the right solution to fulfill those needs you then just need to add a little flavor that attracts the taste buds of your consumers.What will derive him to a point of curiosity that he would want to stay connected, know more and talk about your brand too. ? Do that and you have hit the right spot.!
  • Decision – Does it fulfill their requirement  add value to their lives and inspire them enough to decide that this is for them. This is where a lot of people confuse affordability with aspirations, if a person has dreamed all his life to use an apple product one day he will make it possible that he has an apply in his/her hand may even it be a pirated copy. 😉 Affordability has nothing to do with hunger, dreams and craving for the brands people want. If they decide that this is for them they will find a way to get to it.

A small concept to provide with your marketing model the 3D effect. Simple but very effective.

Lets keep marketing tactics simple. 🙂

Is your Product, Service or Brand GAME ENOUGH ?!. Give your brands the 3D effect they need today. Happy Marketing.! 😉


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