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Adding COLORS to lives; Mujtaba Saadi Makhdoom – Interview with ‘Everyone Exclusive’

Mujtaba Makhdoom

A Story teller of his kind, a business student of Marketing, a trainer by profession, a learner by will, an entrepreneur by character, a motivational speaker and writer.

August 2012
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“Life is what you want it to be, if you wish for it to be Colorful, then start adding COLORS to it yourself, no one else will do it for you.” Saadi Makhdoom

An Exclusive interview with Mujtaba Ahmed Makhdoom, Nickname: Saadi, Zodiac Sign:  Virgo, Color pick: White

“Reason behind using it as Mujtaba Saadi Makhdoom is Mujtaba means “the chosen one” and Saadi means “the one to support” and my life’s purpose is defined in the same as I try each day to be that chosen one by God to support someone being happy, stress free, guided towards the right path or know how special he/she is or anyway possibly I can.” Saadi Makhdoom

According to him:

Saadi Makhdoom: A Myth

Passion: Stories

Love: Snow

Friendship: World.

Luck: Experiences.

Achievement:  Mom is happy now

Family: Filmy

A quick hello note to the readers. 

Hello fellows! My name is Saadi Makhdoom for those who know me they know me as a motivational speaker, a trainer, facilitator, moderator a coach, an entrepreneur, a business student and a perpetual learner. This is just the boring part of the story because the best part is most of my client and the places I have visited in the past two years are mostly those Institutes, organization and Universities when failed closed the doors on me and are now highly interested to pay me to coach their candidates the art of creating a brand YOU.

When did you realize that this (motivational speaking and writing) is something that you have to do?

I have always been a conversationalist not knowing of my strength, I never even had a clue that motivational speaking can also be a career choice. I decided to become one and be myself when I realized there aren’t many people in this entire world to tell all these beautiful people blessed with magical ideas within them that they are SPECIAL. All that these ideas need is a little appreciation to take the shape of a revolution which can change the course of a nation. I thought if a kid like me is lucky in a lifetime 4 maximum 5 teachers till he graduate he will get who will make the information click for him/her, make him fall in love with learning, teach him/her something more than the course outline. Think! How many teachers are like, that did you get to learn from.? Not much right. If we are studying in one of the best institutes suffered this that meant education was seriously not in the right hands. So I decided to step in and create some love for learning in the eye of every learner I meet. Yes! I could have thought why me? But why not me if this beautiful idea came to me. As I learned the best kind of motivation is self motivation and I exercise that in my everyday life. I motivate myself to be the best and encourage myself on doing a great job as I know whatever I am doing the intent is pure and it’s for a beautiful purpose.

 What do you feel is unique in you as a speaker/story-teller?

What makes me Unique is my birth right by the Almighty to be unique as my finger prints. We all are different I just analyzed throughout my actions and failures what I have been born to do and I started doing it. With time things started to connect and draw a picture which is just starting to reveal one of my colorful sights. I am confident that GOD Almighty will allow me to show the word a story to learn from and start living at their bests.

I speak what I have to with just one intention in mind. I have to add one color to every story I face.

How much there is a need to motivate youth? Do you think only youth need motivation?

For those who think motivation does nothing, I myself suffered from the great depression in my young age, being confused of what to do, being judged due to my low scores, hated for being who I wanted to be and not accepted well in my social as well as family circle. I used motivation to become who I am and in 3 years it transformed me magically after me accepting what my mentors and coaches said and worked hard day and night for changing my life into what I have now. It does help those who want to get help from it. People do need encouragement, guidance, someone who can tell them they can do it, may that be a friend, a teacher, a mentor or a coach but yes continuous motivation plus hard work brings great results. Motivation alone can’t get you anywhere.

Where do you see yourself after 5 years?

I see myself as a qualified Business consultant, an owner of 3-4 businesses corporations, a professor of management and marketing at various Universities in Pakistan and author of 2 books based on inspirational living having a beautiful family and friends who have helped me become more colorful as I consistently make an effort to learn more.

How do you manage your professional life with your personal and family life?

Easy! Combine both together, it’s a hard process to convince everyone you love in believing what you do and what are your goals and vision. When you connect all the dots it joins to form a beautiful picture making it all obvious. Your loved one’s become your motivation to achieve more, do more and live more. They are take interest and making your dream come true and in doing so they also realize they should live more. I discuss my training material with my father he helps me in handling difficult situations most of the time and I appreciate him always, my mother like all mothers is full of wisdom and better than any book I can quote in my sessions, books, articles or talks, my brothers are the humor of my life they know it and love the fact and lastly the lady I love, knows that she is the most important thing in my life and if I am more focused towards my work it’s because I want to make our future fairytale come true. Its takes time like everything which is important to us. It’s just that most of us don’t realize every problem can be solved if you just work on it and make it happen.

What is your biggest inspiration?

My mother has done a lot for me and has always shown faith in my potential to achieve more than what others have seen in me. That’s what makes all mothers more special. When I failed again and again she had faith, when everyone gave up she had faith, when I tripped in my initial steps she had faith, when everyone said I did when I didn’t she had faith., when I cried she had faith and when I gave up she had faith. To not let that faith break I DID IT ALL.

My mother was my sip of inspiration if I had to mention one and throughout life I have never stopped taking inspiration from anything I can. My friends, the people around, the experiences and every single thing if given the right eye can give you so much inspiration to take back which you can use to live happy always.

If given another life what would you do?

I will live it exactly the way I am failing even more this time but yes avoiding the time I wasted. As most of us would use one-third of our good life not even knowing what we are supposed to do. I KNOW and my life now will never be the same. I am glad that GOD made me as I am and made my life so interesting that when I look into it I see so much action, humor, emotion, drama, love as it’s a movie in the making which then motivates me to put in a beautiful story.

What is your style statement?

It’s Life for you, I am living a movie.  😉

You are given a camera, what would you capture, Nature, Portrait of your best friend or yourself?

I will surely ask someone to take a group picture of me with all my lovely crew members around me and ask them to make a silly face to the camera and when they all will be making a wired face I ll look cool and make it my display pic ;) (Depends on the mood and I don’t let the thought of me now being a speaker let my silliness wash away. I enjoy letting the child in me be free.)

Rank money, fame and respect for you?

  • FAME:  It’s what the world revolves around now days; a lot of good people die good without even being known off. Only if they were famous, their lives would have been change and so their stories.
  • MONEY where fame goes money follows which is a secondary thing but yes it’s really important. No matter how much you love doing something, you can’t do it happily without having the right resources and pockets supporting you.
  • RESPECT is the core it comes from what you do, why I have ranked it third then first is because the above 2 missing you would find it a lot hard if not harder to maintain a respectable life. Harsh but True the way I see it.


Tell us your 3 wishes that has been fulfilled, 3 yet to be fulfilled


  • I have managed to save a sinking ship.
  • Successfully writing my life’s story.
  • Have made my mom strong enough to speak in public proudly about what his son does now than before when she used to avoid talking about me so no one says anything bad about me so I don’t get hurt. ( Her most proud moment when I came on national TV and sang a song which for me was one lame act but for her was a moment of joy and happiness)

To be accomplished:

  • My Books being published with my thank you note to mom and my love.
  • To be the best motivational speaker/writer I can be.
  • To see my mom in the audience of hundreds standing looking at me and what her prayers got me to become.

Any upcoming treat for your fans/followers (Future Projects)

Working on a two books one of which will be discussed in the upcoming sessions.

Give three suggestions to a newbie in the same field

Be Original: You want to be a motivational speaker and writer, first give time to it then start doing what you love without trying to copy someone else. Remember “the world will always pay you more to be original than what you can earn being a copy”

Help yourself: Why do you keep on asking people to help you when you by now should have realized the only hands which will always be there to help you are your own. Get UP! And work your way up that ladder one step at a time. SMART goals are better than the MAGIC wishes.

Break all barriers: People and the world the most skeptical kind living now days. Before telling you what can be done they will start counting all those things for you which can go wrong and why you can screw up big time. STOP!  Whatever others think of you can’t do should never interrupt the things you can do very well and by doing so you can learn how to do them better. Craft the ladder to your destiny and overcome all the obstacles.

Your aim in life:

“Adding Colors to Lives” – To create a world where learning is the most colorful process, students are not forced or given conditions to attend their classes if they want to not because they will be dropped if they don’t. A world where teachers are teachers because they love teaching, people work on what they would love to be doing and get paid for that may that be dancing, singing, writing, being an artist or the follow a religion not because they were born in it they follow it because the own it and submit the heart to it. It’s going to be a very colorful world of people who are what they really are not afraid of their own existence to be judged.

Your message to the readers for a happy healthy life

“Life is what you want it to be, if you wish for it to be Colorful, then start adding COLORS to it yourself, no one else will do it for you.” Saadi Makhdoom




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