Mujtaba Makhdoom

A Story teller of his kind, a business student of Marketing, a trainer by profession, a learner by will, an entrepreneur by character, a motivational speaker and writer.

August 2012
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So here it is. The first step for Splash Inc. to make people’s lives colorful, not just in Pakistan, but all around the world, starting with Indonesia. I myself am here living in Semarang, Indonesia for an AIESEC internship about Social Entrepreneurship, and I couldn’t think of a better opportunity than this to promote Splash Inc. So our first job in the second week was to tell Indonesian students about Pakistani culture and Social Entrepreneurship in Pakistan, and also promote a Social Entrepreneurship conference that is to be held on June 1st to June 3rd . Along with me was another intern from Taiwan who also shared about his country.
So while he was giving his presentation I tried observing the audience of around 40 to 50 students in the class. I noticed in some of their eyes how they really were feeling inside. They looked lost as if nothing…

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