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HAPPY 29th BIRTHDAY! and the 1st without US!

Mujtaba Makhdoom

A Story teller of his kind, a business student of Marketing, a trainer by profession, a learner by will, an entrepreneur by character, a motivational speaker and writer.

July 2012
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Its your 29th Birthday. I am confident that you will be in great health and company. I was thinking to how the best year of our lives have past. SHIT! I am not saying this as the BEST is yet to come. But for a thought I want to thank you for being my elder brother and if God allows me the choice I ll be your elder brother next time and teach you how not to suck as a big brother which you need to learn still 😀 JOKING! You ROCK! again Joking hahahaha 😀

“I now lay on the bed thinking what I lost, what this moment would have been, what we had, what I would love to do and say to you only if YOU were here.”

“Happy Birthday GUL, I miss you like HELL”

I don’t remember what happened to us.When did we start playing responsible. We all of a sudden became mature. Wanted to become stable. Create our own careers and in doing so we forgot we became blind of what we had. :’)

I ll tell you what I had. When I had no one besides me, when the boys from school bullied me, when my friends used to ditch me for parties, when I was scared of dark n horror movies, when i sucked at reading and writing. When I couldn’t speak what I had in my heart. I had you as my brother to tell me that I don’t need to be perfect to be special for YOU.

I still miss the times we fought, we shouted launched punches n kicks at each other and when I got a scar on my eye brow while playing soccer I am glad it was you from my own team who gave me that. Through all those years of craziness now I realize what I miss the most. It wasn’t speaking to a crowd of hundreds applauding me. It was sitting with my two brother watching Man United kick Arsenals butt and we still supporting Arsenal as we hated the red devil fans. In the end still watching them win an then be US saying yea we support Barcelona LOL 😀

I want to tell you that you are there i am not but yes I ll make sure that we are together soon may it be an year or two or few. I ll be sitting on the couch next to you to tell you that you suck and you should learn how to kick a soccer ball write and you hair look pathetic. Even though I know we both are turning hotter, cooler and gaining a lot of attention. Its was just who who made me realize that I am the best I can ever be. “I LOVE YOU FOR BEING YOU”

Just don’t forget how AWESOME YOU are and how Special for this family you have always been and will be.


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