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Circles Mag March edition covered two brilliant events in history of Splash inc.Both the events, DPA Marketing Apex Conference and Groomania 2 were held at Karachi University  in February 2012. DPA Marketing  Apex Conference provided Saadi Makhdoom a platform to share the success story of Splash Inc while in Groomania 2 Saadi Makhdoom from Splash Inc. enlightened the students on how they can make a striking impact in marketing world.

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Dreams for most of us are a magical state of mind in which a body can be, where we experience the moments which we would love to be in but only a few have courage to think of living up to those dreams because of we being afraid to risk our ego’s on the pathways of exploring the possibilities. What stops you is your inner inadequate thought about YOU. Then you move forward to your moderate living which keeps you away from your great living which would have only be possible if you believe in the idea of “Dreams are Real.”

Suffering from the 5 W’s of dream killer diseases:

  1. Will I be able to?
  2. Why me?
  3. What will people say?
  4. Who will support me?
  5. Where should I start from?
  1. Will I be able to do this? YES!  If you can think it, you can do it. You can be…

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By living every moment its best,
leaving at GOD to judge the rest,

My actions , emotions, intentions are clear,
I want to fill a flare to everyone of my peer,

Succeeding is not worthy of my goal,
My goal is to walk to this Life’s soul,

Even when the time comes to leave this world,
I will go but leave a story which will Glow.

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Nature.. there is nothing so powerful which at the same time is the purest and the calmest of all. For the weak and needy its a source of power, inspiration and persistent change. For the powerful its a sign that there is a powerful elite which exists which created all in this and other universes that we know not much about.

I today will share a story with you all. Its a story of a man stood one evening on the beach and witnessed something magical when he was heart broken from Life. He is there thinking I have tried everything and I have tried enough. I think this world is not the place for me and I should stop trying as I am a failure. What happens next is not his story but a conversation that surely changed his life forever.

As he was looking at the waves constantly…

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Zia's Perspective

The University of Kabul hosts hundreds of male and female students, pursuing degrees in their respective fields. Though the number of male students is clearly more than female students yet a sufficient number of female students can be seen entering the gates of Kabul University. Women dressed elegantly with their faces easily being seen and some of them walking in the premises of Kabul University with their male counter parts are an indication of how far this war waged country has come. Only 12 years ago, during the Taliban regime women were not allowed to be seen out of their homes without a male member of the family. Today girls can go to schools and even they can be part of the current work force. However things are not as simple as it seems to be. On the streets of Kabul when a girl is seen walking or standing across…

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