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The story of that Wave

Mujtaba Makhdoom

A Story teller of his kind, a business student of Marketing, a trainer by profession, a learner by will, an entrepreneur by character, a motivational speaker and writer.

May 2012
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Nature.. there is nothing so powerful which at the same time is the purest and the calmest of all. For the weak and needy its a source of power, inspiration and persistent change. For the powerful its a sign that there is a powerful elite which exists which created all in this and other universes that we know not much about.

I today will share a story with you all. Its a story of a man stood one evening on the beach and witnessed something magical when he was heart broken from Life. He is there thinking I have tried everything and I have tried enough. I think this world is not the place for me and I should stop trying as I am a failure. What happens next is not his story but a conversation that surely changed his life forever.

As he was looking at the waves constantly the waves one by one were making a sounds like we all have heard but here a divine light appears on a wave and the sound becomes clearer and then turns into a language that the man understood or may be God wanted him to understand for the conversation to be heard.

The wave said: “I am a wave and my purpose is to try reach the shores and keep trying until I improve or keep trying even if I fail to do so. I don’t care that I succeed in doing so or if I don’t as all I know the important part is to not trying as I know my Lord never makes a mistake and if I am not a mistake I should continue to serve my purpose. As I know not too much to judge myself or others and if I can’t how can I realize that my purpose can be greater than I think. I might be created to show the world that with consistent efforts one does achieve its purpose. May be its to find a place in the palace of Almighty if not in this world. I just want my Lord to know that I am trying with my best efforts to achieve my purpose and if I fail or get carried away by other waves I will again try and if I again fall and my time comes YOU( The Lord Almighty) will know that I tried and would have tried till the time you would extend my life as for me my Lords” happiness is everything.”

The man stood still and felt delighted the very next moment and decided that He will not be the one who falls at least not who falls before trying his level best. The best of the Creation of Lord I can’t be this pathetic. I am supposed to be larger than Life itself and as my purpose is this great I have to step up to the standard of living and since that day he decided to continue working for beautiful life not just being thankful for what he had but also try to help other understand what they have. This man now goes to the sea whenever he gets time to look at the waves and appreciate there efforts and in doing so he himself gets refreshed as he knows its not just us the whole world is speaking in languages of which we don’t know of and they all somehow or the other want to connect with the Divine.

Lets spend sometime everyday thank God Almighty for what he has blessed us with and not what we want from him lets just see what we have done to be deserving a life like this, if we haven’t done much we should try to increase our standards of living and add a color or few to the world that lives around us. Stay Colorful.


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