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“My life changed when I …

“My life changed when I changed, you can’t curse your life for everything which goes wrong, most of the time its you what happens to your life.” ~ Mujtaba Makhdoom


“There will always be tw…

“There will always be two kinds of dreamers in this world, One who stretch themselves and take on the Challenges to make one true and the Second who put themselves to sleep to get one.” ~ Mujtaba Makhdoom

YOU are almost there, don…

YOU are almost there, don’t just give up because you think you can’t take more of the pain. You were built to do great things, big things, beautiful things. Just hold on for the World to See YOU make it. ~ Mujtaba Makhdoom

Don’t Give UP!

Dreams are Real!

YOU are Beautiful !

YOU are Beautiful !

The secret of where did SAADI come from ?! ;)

the story of how Mujtaba Ahmed Makhdoom became Saadi Makhdoom

What would you do ?